Video Library

Paper Birds Video Library

Over the course of working on Paper Birds, we’ve shared various audio and video clips rendered from production and pre-production. All clips can be found on my YouTube channel. Below, you can read a little bit more about some of our playlists.

Excerpts from the Film

Over the course of filming, we’ve short shared excerpts from the film to highlight certain themes and people. While still unpolished, these bits offer a better idea of what the film will look like when finished.

Bird Bites

“Bird Bites” are brief audio excerpts from the Paper Birds interviews and pre-interviews meant to illuminate a smaller facet of mental health. “Bird Bites” are not always directly related to Paper Birds and can be subjective.

Palette Cleansers

Talking about trauma–and mental health in general–can come with an emotional tax. To break up the tension, check out the ‘Palette Cleanser’ playlist: a group of short videos featuring my portrait work.