Welcome to the online portfolio of photographer, writer and graphic designer, A.C. Brooke.

The World Doesn’t Have to Know Your Name to Feel Your Presence.

Hello, welcome to my online portfolio! Thank you for visiting. I pride myself as a multimedia professional with a focus in writing, graphic design and photography in the Greater Philadelphia area.

Currently, I’m a senior at Millersville University studying media arts production and graphic communication technology. I’ve held several positions in both the communications & marketing fields, trained as a writing consultant, have had my work published in multiple places and also own and operate a small portrait business on the side. In conjunction with that, I’ve also had the honor of working alongside award-winning filmmaker, Dr. Changfu Chang on a full feature documentary on mental health in the APPI community. With his guidance, I’ve begun directing my own documentary, Paper Birds, on the relationship between trauma and memory.

As someone with a deep passion for storytelling, I have aspirations of pursuing a career in photojournalism post-grad, but I’m excited for wherever life takes me. See below to see some of my work and the projects I’m currently involved in!

Current Featured Projects

Spotlighting Asian American Mental Health


Silent War, directed by award-winning filmmaker Changfu Chang, is a full feature documentary profiling multiple members from the Asian American community sharing their struggles with mental health. The film aims to shed light on this pressing issue and empower others to tell their own stories.

Educating the Public on Delayed Recall of Trauma


While the conversation surrounding mental health has expanded rapidly in recent years, the one that touches on the relationship between trauma and memory has not. Paper Birds is both an on-going documentary and social initiative with the intent of enlightening the public on the phenomenon of recovered memories.

Empowering Young Filmmakers


The Multicultural Youth Storytelling Film Institute (MYSFI) is grant funded program aimed at multicultural youth in Howard County, Maryland. MYSFI aspires to equip to the next generation of filmmakers with both the knowledge and gear needed to tell untold stories of their respective communities.

A Passion for Storytelling

I first delved into photography with a focus on portraiture. Over time, I grew to appreciate more candid moments that serve to tell stories about the world around us. Since first stepping into documentary photography back in 2018, I’ve gone onto start over ten different series. Click below to read more about my varied documentary projects.