Graphic Design Portfolio

MYSFI Logo Design

One of my first tasks working at MYSFI was creating their logo, which included drafting up several versions, choosing the color scheme and presenting the finalized product to my team.

UCA WAVES Convention Trifold

The trifold to the right was designed for United Chinese Americans ‘ 2022 convention to profile and highlight the accomplishments of their youth mental health program, WAVES.

Lancaster EMS Membership Brochure

To the left is a brochure I created to advertise Lancaster EMS’s annual membership, which accounts for a significant amount of the company’s income. In conjunction with designing the brochure, I also took all the included photographs, save for the one found on the bottom left-hand corner on the second page. The brochure was then printed and mailed to over several hundred residents in the county.

Lancaster EMS Annual Report

During my time in the marketing department at Lancaster EMS, I was tasked with creating the company’s first annual report. Over several months, I developed and designed the book from start to finish, periodically presenting my progress with both my supervisor and the company’s president for feedback. The finished report consisted of over 30 pages and will be used at municipality meetings to secure funding.

A few pages from the finished annual report can be seen on the right. Save for a few exceptions, all the photos featured in the annual report are my own.

Social Media Posts

I’ve been tasked with managing social media communication with every job I’ve held in my professional career. To the left, you can find examples of graphics I’ve created using my own photographs to engage with online audiences for Lancaster EMS, United Chinese Americans, MYSFI, View Higher Films and Gray Sky Portraits.

Fliers & Posters

Working for a variety of organizations and companies has called for a diverse range of fliers, from everything from event schedules to movie posters. To the right, you can see samples of my work working for View Higher Films, MYSFI, UCA, and Lancaster EMS.

MYSFI Class Presentations

In addition to helping teach classes, I was also tasked with creating the weekly presentations. The left features various slide excerpts from our course archives.

MYSFI Instructional Handouts

In addition to designing class Presentations, I also took it upon myself to create and design supplemental materials to compliment the weekly lectures. These were emailed out to participants, posted to our website and shared to our social media platforms.

Year In Review

As part of my work for United Chinese Americans (UCA), I was tasked with creating a short “Year In Review” video for 2022. This was then distributed across our social media forms and posted to the organization’s website.

Breaking Silences Presentation

In partnership with Breaking Silences, I created two short videos to serve as “bookends” for their presentation to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

The first video established the issue at hand–the mental health crisis in the Asian American community–and ended with a brief introduction of the team and a smooth lead into the verbal segment of the presentation. The second video was played at the end and served to highlight all the team had done those far.