About Me

A.C. Brooke

Multimedia Professional

My full name is Allison Brooke Connelly, though I like to sign my work as A.C. Brooke for the partial anonymity it offers. While I dabble in many different mediums these days, my first love has always been writing. Written words often give us the courage–not to mention the time–to express ourselves more boldly. In recent years, I’ve grown an affinity for literary journalism, but I still enjoy working on more creative pieces in my spare time. Right now, I’m in the final round of editing for my first novel, Seventeen Times Around the Sun: a book aiming to paint an accurate portrait of adolescences, especially as it relates to teens dealing with dysthymia.

Photography of course is a close second, arguably being the medium I have the most experience in. I was sixteen when I did my first photoshoot. The experience stuck with me and I never put my camera back down. My earlier work consists more of creative portraits but I now gravitate towards documentary work. In addition to that, I own an operate a small photo business, Gray Sky Portraits, on the side doing more traditional portrait work. On occasion, I also fill in as a second shooter for a wedding photographer based in Ephrata, PA.

In the past few years, I’ve expanded my skills to include graphic design, web design and videography, all of which I now do in various concentrations for several different businesses and organizations.

On a more personal note, I was born in Peoria, Arizona but grew up in a quiet neighborhood in southeastern PA. As the youngest of three, I spent much of my childhood either outside in the woods or deep in my mind. Now that I’m older, I find myself much more grounded in reality, and in a life marked by brevity, I feel responsible to help positively shape it. In my own personal experience, that’s harboring meaningful relationships, giving the space for others to tell their stories, and creating an environment better for everyone in it. I’m extremely lucky that the things I’m most passionate about have allowed me easy access to do that.

See below for some of my proudest achievements during my artistic career!