Documentary Series

Documenting the Pandemic

When the first lockdowns were implicated back in March of 2020, I decided to record all the sudden shifts and changes in our world photographically. “Documenting the Pandemic” is a series covering the effects of Covid-19 that I witnessed firsthand. While predominantly carried out in 2020, I still add to this series to from time to time when the opportunity arises.

Ponderings From the People

“Ponderings From the People” is an interactive series that falls under the umbrella of “Documenting the Pandemic”. During the height of lockdown, I created an online survey and distributed it via social media asking participants to give their candid thoughts on the pandemic and the way it had affected life and the world around us. The finished product was a comprehensive photo essay which can be found here.

Paper Birds

Paper Birds is a heavily research-based series exploring the phenomenon of recovered memories along with different facets of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Images from “Paper Birds” are not candid snapshots of life, but rather symbolic, intentionally crafted images meant to illustrate their correlating concepts. More recently, I’ve been working on a documentary of the same name. More about that project can be found here.


The first addition of “Motherhood” came in the fall of my senior year of high school and was my first venture into the world of documentary photography. I began photographically recording my sister–a new mom at the time–and life with her firstborn. I’ve found motherhood to be one of the most beautiful things this world has to offer, and it continues to be one of my favorite series to expand upon.


After I begun photographing my eldest niece, Evelyn, I quickly realized kids were my favorite thing to capture. Their zest for life and the idealistic way in which they see the world is something we as adults can learn a lot from.


“Humans” was my first official documentary photography series and it began exploring my sister’s life as a new mom before I decided to make “Motherhood” its own project. “Humans” combines photos of the subject–most ideally in their natural habitat–and brief interviews used to conjure up an interesting portrait of an induvial.


“Environments” is a landscape-based series dedicated to capturing the energy and story of a place. Unlike many of my other ongoing projects, people do not serve as the subjects of these photos, but rather–when they are pictured–merely as accessories to their surroundings.

Slices of Life

What I consider to be the sister series to “Environments”, “Slices of Life” is an ongoing collection of photographs detailing the everyday–trips to the shore, birthday parties, passing afternoons, etc. Inspired by the message of a short piece I wrote initially when I was eighteen, “The Beauty of Normality”, this series is dedicated to memorializing the seemingly mundane. Life is made of little moments; it only makes sense that we try and make the most of them.

Off the Grid: 30 Days Without Social Media

When I was seventeen, I was curious about what life would feel like without social media–so I decided to find out. For 30 days, I left the online world and kept a diary of my experiences, compiling them into a photo essay titled, “Off the Grid”. Though brief, it remains one of the most positive, influential chapters of my life, and an experiment I recommend everyone try at least once.

Human Landscapes

Mainly shot in black and white, “Human Landscapes” is a self-portrait series inspired by the work of fellow photographers Carl Warner and Arno Rafael Minkkinen. These extreme close ups allow for the physical self to be looked at as a piece of art and nature in which we inhabit. The ability to look at your body and value it beyond whatever aesthetic appeal you believe it does or doesn’t hold is a step towards seeing the inherent beauty in being human.

Into the World of Eating Disorders

At fourteen, I developed an eating disorder. I would continue to struggle on and off with bulimia for the next six years. “Into the World of Eating Disorders” is an ongoing series I host on my Instagram that aims to educate about the nature and prevalence of the mental illness with the highest mortality rate. To hear more about my personal story, click here.