Congressional Reception for Sherry Chen

In December, I was invited to our nation’s capital to photograph the congressional reception of Sherry Chen on behalf of United Chinese Americans (UCA):

“Back in October of 2014, Sherry Chen’s life was ruthlessly upended after being wrongfully arrested on charges of economic espionage. Coworkers looked on as the award-winning hydrologist was led out of their building in handcuffs. Sherry’s lifetime of contributions to her country were disregarded, her reputation ruined and her sense of security completely annihilated.

Nearly a decade later, UCA, OCAA and APA Justice was there to celebrate Sherry’s milestone settlement with Department of Commerce and Department of Justice. While the journey for justice is still an ongoing one for many Asian Americans out there, Sherry’s story serves as a reminder that the truth shall always prevail.” – @ucasocial 

I would highly recommend looking more into Sherry’s story if you haven’t done so already! It was an honor to attend, and an even greater honor to document. Her tribulation illustrates the importance of holding our government accountable, and how we must come together unequivocally in order to do so. 

#justiceforsherrychen ! 

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