New Paper Birds Playlist: Mental Health Shorts

Dissociation: A Brief Look 🧠

For whatever reason, I just didn’t really feel like editing Paper Birds yesterday so I decided to work on the project in another way.

I threw together this short video late last night in Canva, and I think I’ll probably do a few more on various facets of mental health/trauma. I think I’ve talked a bit before about how while Paper Birds is a film, the goal is to create and provide a solid slew of resources related to everything talked about in the documentary. So, I thought these short videos could be an easy way to help do that. I’m hoping one day the “Paper Birds” section on my website can serve as a “one-stop shop” of sorts in terms of education and resources. The more comforted and educated people can leave after visiting the page, the better. 

On a personal note (because why not): I feel very at home in the digital age! I know I’ve said this before but it’s really cool all the free resources we have at our disposal to create and share. Making little things like this (when I have the time) is fun because it’s a chance to be creative, an opportunity to expand on something I’m passionate about and makes a good portfolio addition considering my fields of study. I actually start my first “job post-college” next month (part-time until graduation) and I’m planning on doing a few of these graphic videos for them (more on that later). 

But anyways, sorry for rambling. Hopefully this will be somewhat useful. You can find this video on my YouTube! Also the playlist right now is called “Mental Health Shorts” but if anyone has ideas for something different, please let me know because mine just does not roll off the tongue and my brain is fried. Thanks! 

Mental Health

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