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  • Finally A College Grad!

    Finally A College Grad!

    Glad to be a grad!! 📚🎓🍎 Where did the time go? Last night, I graduated Millersville University as Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Media Arts Production and a minor in Graphic Communication Technology. To my fellow graduates: On top of navigating the challenges of college and the transition into adulthood,… Read more

  • Last Day of School!

    Last Day of School!

    Last day as a college student…what a way to go out! Lovely day spent with lovely people. Hard to believe it’s already over Read more

  • Big Month!

    Big Month!

    Officially two weeks out till graduation. NCUR last week, new job this upcoming week, and finals the following week. It’s a busy, beautiful spring! Thanks Kristina for these lovely pictures 🙂 I always wanted grad photo for my high school graduation, but never got them. Nice to have them for college. Read more

  • Paper Birds: A Thank You

    Paper Birds: A Thank You

    I’ll definitely have more to say regarding Paper Birds and NCUR because there’s just so much to cover, but firstly, I wanted to dedicate a post to everyone who’s made this project—and this showcasing opportunity—possible: I’d like to start by thanking my friends and family. I couldn’t have asked for a better support system, and… Read more

  • New Excerpt From the Film: Introducing Dr. Sizer

    New Excerpt From the Film: Introducing Dr. Sizer

    A quick clip from the film introducing Dr. Sizer. Really love this segment, along with the soundtrack which I’ll list below. Audio still needs some fine tuning, bear with me. Next week, I’ll be flying out to Wisconsin to present the first 15 minutes of Paper Birds. Thanks for all of your support thus far.… Read more

  • 7 Grounding Techniques You Can Do Right Now to Feel More Present

    7 Grounding Techniques You Can Do Right Now to Feel More Present

    Dissociation can be highly distressing. You should know that while feeling numb and disconnected may be unpleasant, dissociation is extremely common and treatable. Here are 7 grounding techniques you can do yourself to feel more present. Read more